Welcome to Gizmo! Gizmo is a unique combination of POS / Internet Cafe timekeeping / PC management software that will help you manage your business in ways you have only dreamed of until now. With Gizmo Suite you will be able to provide your customers with the best user experience, manage and organize your game library, deploy software to client computers, distribute and keep track of your software licenses and much, much more. The purpose of this manual is to detail all Gizmo features and explain how to use them in full. Gizmo Suite comprises 3 separate applications:

  • Service Module
  • Manager Module
  • Client Module


Service Module is the brain of the system. It communicates with all the Clients and Managers, stores and retrieves data, deploys profiles, tracks charges etc. In order for Gizmo Suite to work, the service must be running at all times. The Service Module does not have a user interface. You will use the installation wizard to configure basic settings such as Database type and license info. After initial setup, configuration is performed using the Manager Module.


Manager Module is the control of the system. It is used to configure all settings and products,as a POS as well as computer maintenance interface. Via the Manager module you add/edit Applications, create users, view reports etc. Multiple Manager Modules may be running at any given time, although each operator may have an active shift on only one.


Client Module is installed on every client computer and provides the enhanced interface for the customer. It handles login, the application interface and connects to the Server module.